January 6th Investigation Investigation


We are all aware of the bias of the reporting regarding the events of January 6th, 2021. Unlike many I am interested only in the causes which I have laid out in my own report from July 2021 – Inside the FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Strategy, however, I think it is important to capture and analyze what the government is thinking and reporting about these events. 

Below you will find I hope the most authoritative source of information regarding the events of January 6th, 2021 all collected in a single location. Many people I know would like to forget about this day and move on. But, I disagree. I believe that like D-Day, the Holocaust, and September 11, 2001, we must never ever forget. I have already begun doing my own analysis of each of the documents as well as the available testimonies. I will be publishing them as I move forward. 

Below you will find a comprehensive timeline, all the official government reports and documents as well as all the available depositions and interviews. Including mine. I believe that this is the only list available of the interviews and depositions which is searchable by affiliation – Trump Team, White House Staff, Republican Party, FBI, DoJ, DoD, National Guard, Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Capitol Police etc. 

If you are aware of additional documents or you feel something needs to be added or changed (such as the positions/titles and groups below), please email me at tom.speciale@thomasspeciale.com.

Chronological Timeline of Evidence of Corruption, Election Interference,
Subversion of the Government and Illegal Activities (2009 to Present)

A detailed timeline of events which led up to the violence of January 6th, 2021 and beyond. It is my contention that multiple grievances, due to corrupt government agents, election interference and subversion of the Trump Administration, not just the possibility of a fraudulent election, led to the events of January 6th, 2021. This timeline  is a comprehensive timeline of the corrupt activities, disinformation, election interference, government subversion and unconstitutional and criminal activity conducted by the Hillary Clinton Campaign, the Democrat Party, the media, foreign actors, the specific members of FBI, the Department of Justice, the Intelligence Community and other organizations such as Twitter and Facebook to try and stop Donald Trump from winning the Presidential election in 2016, cripple his first administration and to then prevent him from winning re-election in 2020. These are not my opinions; these are all verifiable facts collected from official timelines of various organizations and entities or are taken from corroborated and established open-source information.

If you have additional information, please contact me at tom.speciale@thomasspeciale.com. If you doubt any specific fact in this timeline or the wording of that fact or believe you have something to add please contact me. This is a living document and additional information and sourcing will be added as time goes on. 

IMPORTANT REFERANCES AND DOCUMENTS – Below you will find links to the what I have found to be the most important documents which have been published by Congress as well as various Federal Departments and agencies.


Title Analysis

The Battle of Athens, Tennessee (1946) 

Executive Order 13526 Classified National Security Information (December 2009)

Peter Strzok Letter (re: termination from FBI) (August 2018)

Russian Interference in 2016 Election (Mueller Report Part 1 and 2) (March 2019)

OIG Audit of FBI Confidential Human Source Program (August 2019)

Strzok-Page Text Messages (15 August 2015 to 25 June 2017, part 1 and part 2)

Abbreviated Timeline of Key Events Related to Crossfire Hurricane Investigation (18 December 2019)

FISA Applications and Other Aspects of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation (Horowitz Report) (December 2019)

NCTC Domestic Terrorism Conference Report (January 2020)

IC Community Leaders Public Statement on the Hunter Biden Emails (19 October 2020)

Department of Defense, Memorandum for Record Timeline December 31, 2020 to January 6th, 2021 (January 2021, post January 6th, 2021)

U.S. Capitol Police Timeline for January 6th, 2021 (January 2021)


FBI Assessment and Data on Domestic Terrorism 2021 (May 2021)

U.S. Senate Report Examining the U.S. Capitol Attack (June 2021)

Examining the U.S. Capitol Attack: A Review of Security, Planning, and Response Failures on January 6th (June 2021) 

Inside The FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Strategy (July 2021)

OIG Audit of FBI Confidential Human Source Program (August 2021)

FBI Assessment and Data on Domestic Terrorism 2022 (October 2022)

FBI Whistleblowers Report (Jordan Report) (November 2022)

Report of Investigation: Security Failures at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021 (21 December 2022)

House Select Committee to Investigate January 6th (December 2022 Part 1, Part 2)
House Select Committee to Investigate January 6th (Social Media Portion Draft) (Never Released)

US Government Accountability Office – Report on Capitol Attack (February 2023)

January 6 Committee Investigators Forum on Violent Domestic Extremism (February 2023)

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Report, 702 Abuses (May 2023)

Report on How Senior Intelligence Officials and the Biden Campaign Worked to Mislead American Voters (10 May 23)

Durham Report  (Report on Matters Related to Intelligence Activities and Investigations Arising out of the 2016 Presidential Campaigns) (12 May 2023)

FBI Whistleblower Testimony Highlights Government Abuse, Misallocation of Resources and Retaliation (18 May 2023)

Report on Weaponization of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) (June 2023)

U.S. Senate – Homeland Security Committee – January 6th Intelligence Failures (June 2023)

Director Christopher Wray’s Remarks at the 2023 International Counterterrorism Conference (June 1, 2023)

Pleading the Fifth (October 2023) 

The Weaponization of ‘Disinformation’ Pseudo-experts and Bureaucrats: How the Federal Government Partnered with Universities to Censor Americans’ Free Speech (6 Nov 2023) 

The FBI’s Breach of Religious Freedom The Weaponization of Law Enforcement Against Catholic Americans (4 Dec 2023)

Report on the Justice Department’s Deviations from Standard Processes in its Investigation of Hunter Biden (5 Dec 2023)

Chronological Timeline of Evidence of Corruption, Election Interference, Subversion of the Government and Illegal Activities (2009 to Present) (January 6, 2024)

DEPOSITIONS AND INTERVIEWS – Below you will find links to the available depositions and interviews of the witnesses who the January 6th Investigative Committee has released. Not all of the depositions and interviews were released. Many other witnesses are mentioned however their transcripts have not been made available. This list also includes the most important affiliation of the individual and the position or title of the individual. No other website I have found provides this information without having to go into each of the documents individually. (Query Suggestions – Use Ctl-F to FIND or locate a specific individual. I recommend also Right Clicking on the hyperlink and opening the document in a new tab to read them.)


Affiliation Name Position/Title Date Type Analysis
1st Amendment Praetorian Robert Patrick Lewis 1st Amendment Praetorian, Chairman 15-Apr-22 Interview  
1st Amendment Praetorian Philip Luelsdorff 1st Amendment Praetorian founder 18-Apr-22 Interview  
America First Foundation Nicholas J Fuentes America First Foundation 16-Feb-22 Deposition  
America Rising PAC Cassie Docksey Executive Director 25-Aug-22 Interview  
American Identity Movement Patrick Casey Leader ‘America First’ movement 2-Mar-22 Interview  
American Patriot Council Ryan Kelley Founder American Patriot Council 21-Apr-22 Interview  
Amistad Project Ian Northon Attorney 27-Apr-22 Interview  
Arete Global Consulting Arina Grossu event organizer, co-founder of the Jericho March 29-Apr-22 Interview  
D.C. Metropolitan Police Robert J Contee III Chief 11-Jan-22 Interview  
D.C. Metropolitan Police Mark Robinson Special Operations Division 7-Jul-22 Interview  
D.C. National Guard William Walker, General Commanding General 13-Dec-21 Interview  
D.C. National Guard Craig Hunter, General Commanding General 20-Jan-22 Interview  
D.C. National Guard William Walker, General Commanding General 21-Apr-22 Interview  
Dept. of Defense Walter Piatt, General Dir. of the U.S. Army 3-Nov-21 Interview  
Dept. of Defense James Charles McConville, General Chief of Staff 4-Nov-21 Interview  
Dept. of Defense Mark A Milley, General Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 17-Nov-21 Interview  
Dept. of Defense Kashyap Pramod Patel Chief of Staff to acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller 9-Dec-21 Interview  
Dept. of Defense Christopher Charles Miller Acting Secretary of Defense,  former Dir. of NCTC 14-Jan-22 Interview  
Dept. of Defense Mark Esper, Dr. U.S. Secretary of Defense 1-Apr-22 Interview  
Dept. of Defense Douglas Macgregor Senior Advisor to the Acting Secretary of Defense 7-Jun-22 Interview  
Dept. of Defense Charles Anthony Flynn, General Deputy Chief of Staff of Operations for U.S. Army 28-Oct-22 Interview  
Dept. of Homeland Security Christopher Krebs Senior Advisor to John Kelly 9-Dec-21 Interview  
Dept. of Homeland Security Chad Wolf Acting Secretary 21-Jan-22 Interview  
Dept. of Homeland Security Donnell Harvin Exe. Dir. of National Capitol Region Threat Intelligence Ctr. 24-Jan-22 Interview  
Dept. of Homeland Security Christopher J Tomney Dir. of Operations Coordination 14-Apr-22 Interview  
Dept. of Homeland Security Christina Bobb Exe. Sec. at the Department of Homeland Security 21-Apr-22 Interview  
Dept. of Homeland Security Stephanie Dobitsch Dep. Undersecretary for Intelligence Enterprise Operations 5-May-22 Interview  
Dept. of Justice Richard Peter Donoghue Dep. AG after Barr resignation 1-Oct-21 Interview  
Dept. of Justice Jeffrey Clark Proposed replacement for Attorney General Barr  5-Nov-21 Interview   
Dept. of Justice Kenneth Klukowski Aide to Jeffrey Clark 15-Dec-21 Deposition  
Dept. of Justice Steven Engel Asst. AG for Office of Legal Council since 2017 13-Jan-22 Interview  
Dept. of Justice Jeffrey Clark Proposed replacement for Attorney General Barr 2-Feb-22 Deposition  
Dept. of Justice Michael Sherwin Acting U.S. Attorney 19-Apr-22 Interview  
Dept. of Justice Heidi Stirrup Dept. of Justice Liaison 25-Apr-22 Interview  
Dept. of Justice Byung J Pak Attorney (investigating fraud claims in Georgia) 19-May-22 Interview  
Dept. of Justice William Barr U.S. Attorney General 2-Jun-22 Interview  
Dept. of Justice Kenneth Klukowski Worked for Jeffrey Clark 10-Jun-22 Interview  
Dept. of Justice Jeffrey Rosen Acting  Attorney General 13-Oct-22 Interview  
Facebook Frances Haugen Product Manager 22-Nov-21 Interview  
Facebook Frances Haugen Product Manager 17-Dec-21 Interview  
Facebook Brian Fishman Dir. of Public Policy “dangerous organizations” 26-Apr-22 Interview  
Faith and Freedom Coalition Shawn Still Board Member (Georgia) 25-Feb-22 Deposition  
Federal Bureau of Investigation David Bowdich Deputy Dir. of FBI (replaced McCabe) 16-Dec-21 Interview  
Federal Bureau of Investigation Jennifer Moore FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Intelligence Division 26-Jul-22 Interview  
Filmmaker Nick Quested Documentarian of Proud Boys 5-Apr-22 Interview  
Filmmaker Alex Holder Documentarian of President Trump 23-Jun-22 Interview  
Independent Citizen James P Waldron U.S. Army Colonel (election security) 18-Feb-22 Interview  
Jamestown Associates Larry Weitzner founder, Media Consultant 23-Mar-22 Interview  
Latinos for Trump Bianca Gracia Latinos for Trump 7-Apr-22 Interview  
Liberty Consulting Virginia L Thomas Liberty Consulting 29-Sep-22 Interview  
Liberty Militia Audra Joy Lemons-Johnson Liberty Militia (Michigan) 20-Apr-22 Interview  
Marketing Cloud Division J Doe Privacy and Abuse Management Dept. (name withheld) 20-May-22 Deposition  
Moms for America Kimberly Fletcher President and Founder 14-Jan-22 Interview  
MyMilitia Josh Ellis MyMilitia pro-militia online forum 19-May-22 Deposition  
National Fusion Center Association Mike Sena President 24-Feb-22 Interview  
National Security Council Matthew Forbes Pottinger Deputy National Security Advisor 7-Apr-22 Interview  
Oath Keepers Ray Epps Oath Keepers, Arizona, Oath Keeper from 2009, Chapter President 21-Jan-22 Interview  
Oath Keepers Jeffrey Lawrence Morelock Oathkeepers, Florida 26-Jan-22 Deposition  
Oath Keepers Alondra Propes Oath Keepers, Florida 31-Jan-22 Interview  
Oath Keepers Richard Dockery Oath Keepers, Member 2-Feb-22 Deposition  
Oath Keepers Michael Simmons Oath Keepers, J6 Ops Leader, aka Michael Greene 10-Feb-22 Deposition  
Oath Keepers Elmer Stewart Rhodes Oath Keepers Leader 22-Feb-22 Deposition  
Oath Keepers Jason Van Tatenhove Oath Keepers, spokesman, media director 9-Mar-22 Interview  
Oath Keepers Edward Durfee Oath Keepers, New Jersey 23-Mar-22 Interview  
Oath Keepers Kellye SoRelle Oath Keepers, Attorney 13-Apr-22 Deposition  
Oath Keepers Kellye SoRelle Oath Keepers, Attorney 19-Apr-22 Interview  
Oath Keepers George Douglas Smith Jr Oath Keepers, Member 28-Apr-22 Deposition  
Oath Keepers Frank Marchisella Oath Keepers, Member 29-Apr-22 Interview  
Oath Keepers Marcia Strickler Oath Keepers, Member 10-May-22 Interview  
Oath Keepers Landon Bentley Oath Keepers, Member 12-May-22 Interview  
Oath Keepers Jason Van Tatenhove Oath Keepers, spokesman, media director 7-Jul-22 Interview  
Dir. of National Intelligence Thomas Speciale Senior Collection Strategist for Domestic Terrorism at DNI, Chairman of Veterans for America First 24-Feb-22 Interview  
Panhandle Patriots Shawna Martin Idaho, Missionary 19-Apr-22 Interview  
Parler John Matze CEO 25-May-22 Interview  
Poll Watcher Ruby Freeman election worker from Georgia 31-May-22 Interview  
Poll Watcher Wandrea Arshaye Moss election worker from Georgia 1-Jun-22 Interview  
Proud Boys Henry “Enrique” Tarrio Proud Boys, Leader, aka Enrique Alejandro de la Torre 4-Feb-22 Deposition  
Proud Boys Matthew Thomas Walter Proud Boys, Tennessee Leader 9-Mar-22 Deposition  
Proud Boys Jay Thaxton Proud Boys, North Carolina 11-Mar-22 Interview  
Proud Boys George Meza Proud Boys 16-Mar-22 Deposition  
Proud Boys Jeremy Bertino Proud Boys 26-Apr-22 Deposition  
Proud Boys Henry “Enrique” Tarrio Proud Boys, Leader, aka Enrique Alejandro de la Torre 11-May-22 Interview  
Three Percenters Jeremy Liggett Three Percenters, constitutional conservatives 17-May-22 Deposition  
Proud Boys Dion Cini Proud Boys, Organizer of Trump boat parade 19-May-22 Interview  
Proud Boys Samuel Armes Proud Boys, Florida Blockchain Business Assoc., “groomed for the CIA and the FBI,” Transition Integrity Project 18-Jul-22 Interview  
Proud Boys Nicholas DeCarlo Proud Boys, Texas, 4-Oct-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Annie Christine Howell part-time Uber driver, artist, full-time mother 14-Jan-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Robert Schornak business develop manager 1-Feb-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Janet West Buhler fashion, piano and violin teacher 28-Feb-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Carla Krzywicki Wendy’s manager 2-Mar-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee James Douglas Rahm III DJ, Grubhub 4-Mar-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Thomas Paul Conover paintless dent repairman 8-Mar-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Zac Martin event property owner 9-Mar-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Daniel Herendeen epoxy floor installer 16-Mar-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Eric Barber auto parts salesman, West Virginia City Councilman 16-Mar-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Lawrence Stackhouse sheet metal worker and DoorDash driver 22-Mar-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee John Douglas Wright charter bus company owner 31-Mar-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Greg Rubenacker hip-hop DJ 6-Apr-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Jean Lavin telephone company lineman 6-Apr-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Trevor Hallgren full-time student, ex-bartender 7-Apr-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Lewis Cantwell Army EOD, Vet, OTH, network engineer, waiter, construction worker, delivery driver 26-Apr-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Albert Foley chemical distributor 10-May-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Frank J Scavo III real estate investor 1-Jun-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Stephen Michael Ayres cabinet maker 17-Jun-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Stephen Ayres cabinet maker 22-Jun-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Francis Connor Amazon employee 7-Jul-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee George Amos Tenney III chef, warned of a potential “siege” on Facebook 13-Jul-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Anton Lunyk public adjuster 6-Oct-22 Interview  
Rally Attendee Dustin Thompson pest control specialist 16-Nov-22 Interview  
Republican National Committee James DeGraffenreid Nevada 24-Feb-22 Interview  
Republican National Committee Austin Boedigheimer Deputy Digital Director, fundraising lead MAGA Committee 20-Apr-22 Interview  
Republican National Committee Andrew Zachary Zach Parkinson Deputy Communications Dir. and Research Director 18-May-22 Deposition  
Republican National Committee Joshua Findlay Election Integrity Official 25-May-22 Interview  
Republican National Committee Richard Walters Chief of Staff 25-May-22 Interview  
Republican National Committee Michael Reed Chief of Staff 20-Jul-22 Interview  
Republican National Committee Ronna Romney McDaniel Chairwoman 1-Jun-22 Interview  
Republican National Committee Michael Ahrens Communications Director 1-Sep-22 Interview  
Republican Party Brad Raffensperger Sec of State of Georgia, Georgia Secretary of State 22-Nov-21 Interview  
Republican Party Mayra Rodriguez Lawyer, Republican Elector 2020 Michigan 22-Feb-22 Deposition  
Republican Party Ed Martin former Missouri chairman (no show) 23-Feb-22 Interview  
Republican Party Jewll Powdrell New Mexico (no show) 23-Feb-22 Interview  
Republican Party Michael J McDonald Chairman of the Nevada GOP 24-Feb-22 Interview  
Republican Party David Shafer Party Chairman – Georgia 25-Feb-22 Deposition  
Republican Party Andrew Hitt Chairman Wisconsin 28-Feb-22 Deposition  
Republican Party Kelly Ruh Wisconsin 28-Feb-22 Interview  
Republican Party Christopher Barcenas Florida 10-Mar-22 Deposition  
Republican Party Kathy Berden National Chairwoman of Michigan GOP 11-Mar-22 Interview  
Republican Party Kelli Ward Arizona GOP chairwoman 16-Mar-22 Interview  
Republican Party Michael Lee Wells Nevada GOP chairman, Leader of Guardian of Liberty militia 14-Apr-22 Deposition  
Republican Party Mark Finchem AZ House of Representatives 22-Apr-22 Interview  
Republican Party John Isakson Georgia Elector 25-Apr-22 Interview  
Republican Party Kevin Zambrano Digital Dir. National Committee 27-Apr-22 Interview  
Republican Party Laura Cox Chairwoman Michigan Republican Party 3-May-22 Deposition  
Republican Party Bryan Cutler Leader of the House 31-May-22 Interview  
Republican Party Jocelyn Benson Michigan Secretary of State 2-Jun-22 Interview  
Republican Party Michael Shirkey Michigan State Senate Majority Leader 8-Jun-22 Interview  
Republican Party Robert Sinners Georgia,  Dir. of Election Day Operations 15-Jun-22 Interview  
Republican Party Russel “Rusty” Bowers Arizona House Speaker 19-Jun-22 Interview  
Republican Party Douglas Mastriano Pennsylvania State Senator 9-Aug-22 Deposition  
Republican Party Robin Vos Speaker Wisconsin State Assembly 30-Nov-22 Interview  
Three Percenters Scott Kuntz Three Percenters 11-Apr-22 Interview  
Trump Team Ali Alexander StoptheSteal leader and Jan. 6 rally organizer 9-Jan-21 Deposition  
Trump Team Stephen K Bannon Adviser (no show) 14-Oct-21 Interview  
Trump Team Cindy Chafian Jan. 6 rally planner (no show) 28-Oct-21 Interview  
Trump Team Angela McCallum National Executive on campaign 2020 8-Dec-21 Interview  
Trump Team John Eastman Lawyer,  author of memo to overturn 2020 election 9-Dec-21 Deposition  
Trump Team Dustin Stockton Rally Planner 14-Dec-21 Interview  
Trump Team Keith Kellogg Jr from 2016, Asst. to the Pres and Chief of Staff National Sec Team 14-Dec-21 Deposition  
Trump Team Caroline Wren Advisor, Women for America First, top campaign fundraiser 17-Dec-21 Deposition  
Trump Team Roger Stone Supporter 17-Dec-21 Deposition  
Trump Team Taylor Budowich Senior Advisor to Donald Trump, Chief of Staff, Trump Spokesman 22-Dec-21 Interview  
Trump Team Bernard Kerik Giuliani Security detail 13-Jan-22 Interview  
Trump Team Robert Peede Deputy Asst. to President Trump 19-Jan-22 Interview  
Trump Team Alex Jones Infowars 24-Jan-22 Interview  
Trump Team Jason Miller Senior Aide to Trump, Trump Communications Director 3-Feb-22 Deposition  
Trump Team Andrew Surabian Adviser to Trump Jr. 8-Feb-22 Interview  
Trump Team William Stepien  Advisor since 2016 10-Feb-22 Interview  
Trump Team Arthur Schwartz Adviser to Trump Jr. 14-Feb-22 Interview  
Trump Team Julia Fancelli Publix heiress, funded J6 rally at Ellipse 18-Feb-22 Interview  
Trump Team Gary Coby Digital Director 23-Feb-22 Interview  
Trump Team Jason Funes Rally organizer and Aide 23-Feb-22 Interview  
Trump Team Justin Caporale Project Manager for Jan. 6 rally under Event Strategies 1-Mar-22 Deposition  
Trump Team Jenna Ellis Attorney 8-Mar-22 Deposition  
Trump Team Molly Michael Executive Asst. to the President 24-Mar-22 Deposition  
Trump Team Katrina Pierson Spokeswoman 25-Mar-22 Interview  
Trump Team Ben Angle Aid 29-Mar-22 Interview  
Trump Team Hanna Allred Staffer 30-Mar-22 Interview  
Trump Team Jared Kushner Son-in-law of President Trump 31-Mar-22 Interview  
Trump Team Patrick MacDonnell Speechwriting Team 4-Apr-22 Interview  
Trump Team Alexandra Preate Spokeswoman for Steve Bannon 5-Apr-22 Interview  
Trump Team Ivanka Trump Advisor to the President 5-Apr-22 Interview  
Trump Team Robert Gabriel Trump Aide 6-Apr-22 Interview  
Trump Team William B Harrison Asst. for Operations 7-Apr-22 Interview  
Trump Team Alex Cannon Asst. General Council for Trump Organization 13-Apr-22 Interview  
Trump Team Stephen Miller Speech Writer, Senior Adviser 14-Apr-22 Deposition  
Trump Team William Bock IV Lead Counsel (Wisconsin) 15-Apr-22 Interview  
Trump Team Kimberly Guilfoyle National Finance Chair and Advisor 18-Apr-22 Interview (Part1) (Part2)  
Trump Team Matthew Morgan General Counsel 25-Apr-22 Interview  
Trump Team Sidney Powell Attorney 7-May-22 Deposition  
Trump Team Sal Greco NYPD police officer, accompanied Roger Stone before Jan. 6 16-May-22 Interview  
Trump Team Justin Clark Trump PACs, Election, LLC 17-May-22 Interview  
Trump Team Cleta Mitchell Election Security, Lawyer, personal friend of John Eastman 18-May-22 Deposition  
Trump Team Timothy Murtaugh Communications 19-May-22 Interview  
Trump Team Rudy Giuliani Personal Attorney 20-May-22 Deposition  
Trump Team Rachel Craddock Special Asst. to Ivanka Trump 24-May-22 Interview  
Trump Team Jacqueline Shay Kotkiewicz Research Analyst 2-Jun-22 Interview  
Trump Team Jody Williams founder of TheDonald.win 7-Jun-22 Deposition  
Trump Team Sean Dollman Chief Financial Office 29-Jun-22 Interview  
Trump Team Patrick Byrne CEO Overstock.com 15-Jul-22 Interview  
Trump Team Kristin Davis Publicist, spokeswoman for Roger Stone 2-Aug-22 Interview  
Trump Team Matthew Clarke contracted to process document review for Jan. 6 4-Aug-22 Interview  
Trump Team Jason Sullivan Associate of Roger Stone 17-Aug-22 Interview  
Trump Team Alex Cannon Asst. General Council for Trump Organization 18-Aug-22 Interview  
Trump Team William B Harrison Asst. for Operations 18-Aug-22 Interview  
Trump Team Hope Hicks Counselor to the President, Trump Organization since 2014 25-Oct-22 Interview  
Trump Team Kenneth Chesebro Legal Advisor 25-Oct-22 Deposition  
Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk Executive Director 24-May-22 Interview  
Twitter J Smith Senior Safety Policy Domain Specialist at Twitter (name protected) 9-May-22 Deposition  
Twitter Anika Collier Navaroli whistleblower 1-Sep-22 Interview  
Twitter J Johnson Policy and Content Creation (name protected) 7-Sep-22 Interview  
U.S. Capitol Muriel Bowser Mayor of Washington D.C. 12-Jan-22 Interview  
U.S. Capitol Paul Irving House of Representatives Sergeant at Arms 4-Mar-22 Interview  
U.S. Capitol Valerie Hasberry Chief Security Officer for the Architect of the Capitol 14-Apr-22 Interview  
U.S. Capitol Jamie Fleet Advisor to Speaker Pelosi, House of Representatives Staff Dir. 10-Mar-22 Interview  
U.S. Capitol Police Julie Farnam Asst. Dir. of Intelligence and Coordination 15-Dec-21 Interview  
U.S. Capitol Police Sean Gallagher Acting Chief of Uniformed Operations 11-Jan-22 Interview  
U.S. Capitol Police Yogananda Pittman Asst. Chief of Police for Protective and Intelligence Operations 13-Jan-22 Interview  
U.S. Capitol Police John K Donohue Dir. of Intelligence and Interagency Coordination 31-Jan-22 Interview  
U.S. Capitol Police Caroline Elizabeth Edwards Officer 18-Apr-22 Interview  
U.S. Capitol Police David Millard Sergeant 18-Apr-22 Interview  
U.S. Capitol Police Steven Sund Chief (June 2019) 20-Apr-22 Interview  
U.S. Capitol Police Robert Glover Commander Special Operations Division 2-May-22 Interview  
Vets for Trump Joshua Macias Founder 2-May-22 Deposition  
Vets for Trump Antonio P LaMotta Associate 26-May-22 Interview  
WalkAway Campaign Brandon Straka President and Founder 24-Feb-22 Interview  
Wet Yet, Inc. James Watkins sole operator and administrator of 8chan/8kun message board 6-Jun-22 Deposition  
White House Mark Meadows Chief of Staff 12-Nov-21 Interview  
White House Daniel J Scavino, Jr. Aide 1-Dec-21 Interview  
White House Ken Cuccinelli Acting Dir. of Citizenship and Immigration 7-Dec-21 Interview  
White House Mark Meadows Chief of Staff 8-Dec-21 Interview  
White House Kayleigh McEnany Press Secretary 12-Jan-22

Deposition (Part 1) (Part 2)

White House Max Miller Special Asst. to the President 20-Jan-22 Deposition  
White House Ben Williamson Chief of Staff for Mark Meadows (Chief of Staff Trump) 25-Jan-22 Interview  
White House Christopher Rodriguez Dir. of the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency 25-Jan-22 Interview  
White House Marc Short Chief of Staff for Vice President Pence 26-Jan-22 Deposition  
White House Greg Jacob 2020 Council to Pence, Deputy Asst. to the President 1-Feb-22 Deposition  
White House Ryan McCarthy Secretary of the U.S. Army 4-Feb-22 Interview  
White House Sarah Matthews Dep. Communications Dir. Trump Campaign,  Dep. Press Secretary 8-Feb-22 Interview  
White House Brian Jack Special Asst. to the President and Deputy Dir. of Political Affairs 11-Feb-22 Interview  
White House Ross Worthington Adviser for Policy and Strategy 15-Feb-22 Deposition  
White House Cassidy Hutchinson Asst. to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows 23-Feb-22 Interview  
White House Peter K Navarro Trade Adviser (no show) 2-Mar-22 Interview  
White House Judson P Deere Press Aide 3-Mar-22 Deposition  
White House Cassidy Hutchinson Asst. to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows 7-Mar-22 Interview (Cont.)  
White House Michael Flynn, General National Security Advisor 10-Mar-22 Deposition  
White House Derek Lyons Asst. to the President, Counsel to the President, Staff Secretary 17-Mar-22 Interview  
White House Nicholas Luna Personal Aid to the President 21-Mar-22 Deposition  
White House John McEntee Dir. of the White House Presidential Personnel Office 28-Mar-22 Deposition  
White House Chris Hodgson Dir. Legislative Affairs for VP Pence 30-Mar-22 Deposition  
White House Eric Herschmann Senior Advisor to the President 6-Apr-22 Interview  
White House Austin Ferrer Piran Basualdo Aide 8-Apr-22 Deposition  
White House Vincent Haley Deputy Asst. to the President for Policy, Strategy, Speechwriting 14-Apr-22 Interview  
White House Alyssa Farah Griffin Communications Dir. Jim Jordan 15-Apr-22 Interview  
White House Donald John Trump Jr Advisor to Pres Trump,  eldest son and Executive Vice President of Trump Organization 3-May-22 Interview  
White House Madison Fox Porter Asst. Staff Secretary 5-May-22 Interview  
White House Cassidy Hutchinson Asst. to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows 17-May-22 Interview (Cont.)  
White House Stephanie A Grisham Chief of Staff for Melania Trump, Press Secretary 18-May-22 Interview  
White House Julie T Radford Chief of Staff for Ivanka Trump 24-May-22 Interview  
White House Douglas C Sellers, Jr Special Asst. to the President 3-Jun-22 Interview  
White House Shealah Craighead Photographer 8-Jun-22 Deposition  
White House Cassidy Hutchinson Asst. to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows 20-Jun-22 Interview (Cont.)  
White House Shealah D Craighead Photographer 29-Jun-22 Interview  
White House Eugene Scalia Secretary of Labor 30-Jun-22 Interview  
White House Pasquale Anthony “Pat” Cipollone Counsel to President Trump 8-Jul-22 Interview  
White House Steven Mnuchin Secretary of the Treasury 18-Jul-22 Interview  
White House Garrett M Ziegler Political Analyst 19-Jul-22 Interview  
White House John Michael Mick Mulvaney Dir. of Office of Management and Budget, Acting White House Chief of Staff 28-Jul-22 Interview  
White House Elaine Chao Secretary of Transportation 4-Aug-22 Interview  
White House Michael Pompeo Secretary of State, Dir. of CIA 9-Aug-22 Interview  
White House Michael Roman Special Asst. to the President, Dir. of Special Projects and Research 10-Aug-22 Deposition  
White House Robert O’Brien National Security Advisor 23-Aug-22 Interview  
White House Cassidy Hutchinson Asst. Chief of Staff Mark Meadows 14-Sep-22 Interview (Cont.)  
White House Cassidy Hutchinson Asst. Chief of Staff Mark Meadows 15-Sep-22 Interview (Cont.)  
White House Amy H Swonger Senate Legislative Affairs 28-Oct-22 Interview  
White House Kellyanne Conway Press Secretary and Adviser 28-Nov-22 Interview  
White House Anthony Ornato Dep. Chief of Staff of Operations







Women for America First Kylie Kremer Women for America First 12-Jan-22 Interview  
Women for America First Amy Kremer Women for America First 18-Feb-22 Interview  
Women for America First Scott Johnston Associate 5-Apr-22 Interview  
Women for America First Charles Bowman Associate 20-May-22 Interview  
X Strategies, LLC Alexander Bruesewitz CEO, political consulting firm 8-Mar-22 Interview  
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